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What will the Reopening of a Portrait Photography Studio/Business Look Like...

Life and work had been placed on hold since the Corona virus shutdown in March, 2020. The studio has not been able to reopen as of yet but when it does, we will be ready for you.

Family portrait in studio
Today is the right time to have a family portrait made and create your visual legacy.


As a boutique studio that focuses on low volume, our efforts are dedicated to spending time with our clients both before, during and after the portrait session. You will be the only client in our studio for all of your appointments. You will continue to be offered ample time to work through your concerns during our meetings. This has always been our norm.


We are best known for our outdoor style portrait photography. We also have an incredibly versatile camera room and studio for indoor options.

  • Schedule early: Since we are uncertain of a future spike in Covid-19 virus in the fall, we are recommending you schedule a summer session to ensure you do not miss out.

  • Payments: Will be handled online so that cards are not handled or passed back and forth

  • Bookings & Consultations: A phone call, zoom or skype call will replace the in-person consultation. At this time we can find a suitable time to book your session.


We want you to be safe and comfortable during all of our interactions.

  • We have been disinfecting and will continue to do so between appointments.

  • During your in-studio session, we will be wearing gloves and a mask. We will maintain our distance and ask you to fix or adjust your own clothes or hair as needed.

  • We will only take one session/appointment per day to give us ample time to disinfect the studio and our gear.

  • For outdoor sessions, you can expect us to be set back with telephoto lenses.

Your portraiture is in investment-in yourself and in your family. We recognize the importance of having it done right. Nothing has shed more light upon the significance of recording time with the people you love than this pandemic. As always and for the the 33 years we have been servicing our is our privilege to create your visual legacy.

Stay tuned for more updates on official reopening dates.

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