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Turning 30 never felt so good!

February 16, 2017



It has bee 30 years since I graduated from photography school and filed for a business license from the city of Boston. In June of 1987 I photographed my first wedding and found employment in a full time portrait studio.


I'll never forget what the wedding photography manager had to say once he found out I was not only going to be on staff but to be one of their steady wedding contractors...”girls can take good pictures too”. Imagine saying that to a young woman today! thought bubble: She'd either mouth off to him or create some sort of #hasthag movement on Twitter.


Yes time has changed many things. The biggest change came about in early 2000 with the onset of digital photography. It has been one fast pace roller-coaster ride since. The innovation of new products from book binding to metal surface prints has been astonishing.


Equipment has gotten lighter, more advanced and affordable ( at least for the entry level enthusiast) not to mention computers which are an integral and necessary component to the processes.


Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned where this ride would take me.


The most rewarding part of the process is the loyal and steady client base I continue to service. I've had the privilege of photographing at least 15-20 high school seniors whom I had either photographed as babies or I was their parent's wedding photographer. Next Spring, a handful of “my-babies” will be graduating from college. I am saddened at how quickly time has passed and elated to know their lives have been recorded along the way with quality photography.


Today, however everyone is a photographer -(Cliche but true). They come, they go...they are all the rage and then poof – gone. Younger clients are caught up in the Ikea-effect ( it's a real thing, look it up). Pinterest and DIY has dominated the internet. But is that where photography should rest....digital files archived on a server and forever living on the cloud?


Beautiful portraits still takes my breath away. There is nothing more mystical than looking at a portrait and sensing some sort of communication or message from the subject to the viewer. The art of beautifully mastered images will never tire out.


Some examples of powerful imagery which have inspired me can be seen in the works of glamour photographer Sue Bryce's work, the infamous VF fashion photographers Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger or from the classic and very skillful master, Yousuf Karsh.


There is power in portraiture. I believe everyone should have an image made, framed and put on display. I will keep on plugging away and evolving with the times, stay current and true to my core.



I AM a 30 year portrait photographer.

There a a million faces yet be recorded...are you game?





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